Commission A Horse Portrait

Commissioning a drawing or painting of a thoroughbred or prize-winning horse is a great way to celebrate your beloved animal. Whether you are looking to capture a moment of greatness or simply remember a beloved horse, a custom painting or drawing can be the perfect way to show your treasured horse. Mark can create a truly bespoke and customised piece for you, from the horse’s pose to the background, and create a truly unique piece of art that will be treasured for years to come.

Drawing From £900
Painting From £1800
My Process
Equestrian Commissions By Mark Clark
1. Talk to Mark, arrange a meeting or photo
Discuss your requirements, arrange for a sitting to work direct from the horse, or more commonly, arrange a photography session to be done by Mark.
Equestrian art being created
2. Agree to Equestrian commission
The commission is agreed with a timeframe. Framing can also be discussed, agreed and arranged.
equestrian painting being hung
3. Enjoy your completed piece
Once completed the artwork is unveiled to the client. Sit back and enjoy your equestrian commission. Only when the client approves the artwork is an invoice produced.

Recent Equestrian Pieces

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