When I was looking for an artist to commission a portrait drawing as an anniversary gift for my girlfriend who's currently working in the UK, I stumbled upon Mark's website and I'm instantly amazed by his portfolios. I tried to contact him, although I was a bit worried since I'm going to commission a drawing from abroad. But turns out, Mark was very helpful right from the start until the day my girlfriend received the drawing.

After I chose which photo of my girlfriend I'd like him to draw, he gave me precise recommendations regarding what type of drawing and picture size to my liking. The result of the drawing is so perfect and very much beyond my expectation, I remember feeling so happy when I saw the final result and it made me speechless. His drawing really captures every inch of my girlfriend's beauty, truly representing all my feelings toward her and how I perceive her in my eyes. It almost feels like the drawing can speak on its own.

Not only that, Mark and his wife also went the extra mile by personally delivering the drawing to my girlfriend and giving my message to her as well. She told me that she's very happy with it because this is so much more than just me giving her a drawing as a gift, this is a complete experience that is very meaningful to her thanks to Mark and his wife who made it possible. Also for me, this is not just a simple commissioning process. This means more than that, to the point I feel like I found some new friends in Mark and his wife. I'm very grateful and thankful for what you both have done.

- Dysan Aufar