Nude Pastel Drawing Mark Clark Fine Art

Nude Pastel Drawing Timelapse

For this figure piece I sketch the basic outline, then rapidly put down the greys and mid tones. Then I apply the darker pastels to the model’s hair and to pick up the shadows, moving constantly around the body so as to not get too focussed on one area.

The next step is to pick out the finer details with a pastel pencil and then use the sponges to blend the lights and darks together, working the darks in more to refine the image.

Moving around the body, I pick out the highlights, including her arm which is such an important part of the artwork. Her head, her hair, giving everything more form. As I work more, the lights and darks develop to create a chiaroscuro effect. I create more delineation in her left arm which lifts the image even further.

As it nears completion the image has an increasingly three dimensional feel. Her hair is lustrous, illuminated by adding a few highlights. One can feel her hair curling softly into her neck.

There is a lovely, relaxed feel to the pose. What is she thinking? What’s in her mind as she gently leans into the wall, pensive, thoughtful yet at ease.